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A bug never allows it to access the database

I bought this dic a couple of years ago. By that time there was no other Spanish dictionary available at apple store. It used to run perfectly well, but since the last O.S updates, it has stopped sudenly to run. No matter how many times I reiinstall it, ther is always this message that the database is corrupt. I do not know what is precisely happening, but it won’t work with Lion, so be awarned.

Great reference

This THE Spanish-English/English-Spanish dictionary to buy. Tons of useful features! If I could suggest just one improvement: sync favourites with Dropbox as in the iOS version. The developer is very responsive and helpful.


In fact as far as dictionaries go it is a good one. But on my mac it gets blocked very often, which is very annoying. I reopen, send crash reports but it gets blocked again and again. So that sometimes I even forget the word I want to look up in the dictionary. 4 stars as a dictionary -no problem of that sort on Ipad- but 1 star as an application. Hope somebody will look into the problem. Cheers.

Great Product

Ive used Word Magic for years on my PC to help with learning Spanish so immediately decided I needed to install this version on my new Mac. Word Magic is a consistently excellent product and so thorough.

Fantastic Dictionary!

I have several Apps from this developer on my iPad and iPhone. I am delighted with the user-friendly interface and the comprehensive collection of information offered in this Unabridged Dictionary for my Mac! From the richness of the definitions to the useful example phrases, there is an enormous database of language knowledge! This is one of the few dictionaries that will define a conjugated verb. The extensive conjugation tables are extremely helpful. One of my favorite features is Quotables. This feature offers insights into the language for a non-native speaker. This is an absolute must have for anyone needing a Spanish/English dictionary.

Spanish and Philosophy Double Major

I am a Spanish and Philosophy double major and am currently working on my thesis (which is being written originally in Spanish and then translated into English). This app is proving to be very helpful in ensuring that I am expressing myself clearly in both languages. It is definitely worth your money! In response to the review written by Eduardo 808, titled DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, I would like to point out that the word "would" does not have a direct translation in Spanish, but rather, is a conditional tense, that when conjugated with the appropriate verb, shows that "one would do" something. For example, "I would like to taste a hamburger," when translated, uses the verb GUSTAR [i.e. to like] and conjugates it into the conditional ME GUSTARÍA; "Me gustaría probar una hamburgesa." Similarly, "were" is a past tense translation of TO BE. All in all, this is a wonderful application. If you are looking for an application to translate sentences or paragraphs, look elsewhere. However, if you know the language, this application should serve as a wonderful tool.

Content is excellent but there’s a formatting problem

I am using an 11” MacBook Air and the program loses some of it’s functionality because I can’t properly resize the program window so that I can see all of the content. For example, I can’t see the more button to get additional usage and phrase examples. Also the general appearance of the application on the smaller MacBook Air screen is sloppy, with some of the buttons cut off by other parts of the program. I have the sister apps on my iPhone and iPad, and those look and work great. I also have this app on my iMac, and with the larger screen everything looks and works fine. It is unfortunate that the developers have not taken the time to ensure that their desktop version works on all screen sizes, because the content really is fantastic.

Excellent Dictionary

This is an excellent dictionary for me to use while studying Spanish on my own. My only real concern is that it has not been updated in a long time. I submitted a couple of issues today, so it will be interesting to see whether they are addressed. When I show the conjugation window for a verb and click on the "él/ella" and "ellos/ellas" forms, the pronunciation of the pronouns (él/ella, ellos/ellas) sounds garbled in the middle. The problem seems to be the handling of the slash mark (/). This should be easy to fix by having the voice say “o” or “y” or just pause between the pronouns. (I would prefer a pause.) Also, unless I am mistaken, it should be “él/ella/ud.” and “ellos/ellas/uds.” It seems a little odd to omit “usted” and “ustedes” altogether from the conjugations. Yes, I know the pronouns are often omitted in Spanish, but they are included in the conjugation tables, so ud. and uds. should be included also. Great dictionary, but I would like to see evidence of continuing development.

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